If you feel like your email outreach is failing - it probably does and let me tell you why.

In the modern world, it’s hard to surprise someone with regular copy-pasted email outreach. Prospects became much smarter in recognizing sales pitches and prefer not to waste their time on random emails. They won’t read it, because they won’t even consider it a serious email.

And that is where your reply rate might start decreasing.

So, if you need to pitch a cold prospect you need to be both creative and attentive. Here I don't mean that you need to change your value proposition. No, you need to change the way you are doing it. Right now the best way to create a smart and successful cold email is to personalize it.

“It's not about what you say, it’s about how you say it”

You see, hyper-personalization is a way to stand out and will significantly increase your reply rate. And I say hyper-personalization because sometimes reps don't recognize the true meaning of personalization itself.

Some might say that mentioning a prospect’s name and their job title is enough of personalization, but that’s not entirely true. The biggest trick of hyper-personalization is to find this exact point from the prospect’s biography and to tie it into your value proposition.

It’s always a pleasant surprise to read an email that was directed specifically to you, that was created for you, and that the author of the email spent time researching you, right? So, become this pleasant surprise and impress your prospect with the effort you put into the email.

There are four  components you’ll need for hyper-personalizing your outbound emails:

  1. Informational resources that you will use - this is a key component of any personalization because it is a piece of personal information about your prospect. It can be some part of the prospect’s biography, hobbies, articles, etc. Basically, anything that will help you to create a unique and targeted intro that will be tied into your value proposition.
  2. The actual structure for your email - to save your time and to keep your information in order you need to know the structure of a personalized email. What you will put in the intro, when to write a value proposition and how to finish your email - to answer all of these crucial questions you just need to know the basic structure.
  3. The technique to combine personalization and relevance - you’ve found a good piece of information to personalize the email on, that’s perfect. Now, how can you tie this information to your product? There is a cool technique called “the hook”, that will help you to do exactly that.
  4. Be aware of the main rules and mistakes - sometimes a simple word can destroy the whole mood of your personalization. To know what to include and what not, you need to know the basics. When you know the structure, you’ve found the information to personalize on and you skillfully hooked it to your product -  just check your email for any mistakes and try to elevate it using a few basic rules of personalization.

High-quality personalization is a must for B2B salespeople and it will make any cold outreach much better. Don't waste your time on outdated copy-pasting and increase your email replies using hyper-personalization.

Feel free to check out my articles on personalization components and use the new knowledge to create a successful outreach!

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