When I do our coaching for teams, one of the activities I ask everyone to perform is to write down the top three unique selling propositions of their product or business. It will surprise you how varied people's answers are.

Worksheets are available to download later below.

And I discovered that there was a significant difference between team members in how they saw and how they'd describe their company's unique differences.

The problem, in this case, is that everybody is using their own messaging for the organization. So any messaging strategy you create for your company is deemed to fail before it even starts.

So, it's critical for anyone who runs a sales team to understand and focus on the primary three distinguishing factors. Take all the time you need to sit down with your staff and really sync up on the top three important distinctions. Also, align on what sets you apart from your top two or three competitors.

Write down your organization’s top 3 differentiators. What makes you different from the competition? For more productive and most importantly effective work you can download our worksheet here:

Success Tip: You want your whole sales team to be on the same page when it comes to how to explain your company's top three differentiators and how to do so effectively. Set aside time to discuss with your staff what your distinctive are and how you'll convey them to prospects.

Download worksheets

And, as promised, feel free to download these worksheets to practice new knowledge!

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